Why the Rosary?
Why the Luminous Mysteries?
Why the Bible?
How to Say the Rosary


Links to sites with more information about the Catholicsm, the Rosary and Islam.


The Vatican's offical website.
New Advent, wonderful Catholic reference site! Contains the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Holy Bible, Catholic links, a sheet you can print out on how to say the Rosary and much more.
Catholic Answers, largest and best Catholic apologetics site on the web.
Catholic Online -- news site for Catholics
Spirit Daily -- another news site, lots and lots of links
Holy Spirit Interactive, wonderful site to learn about Catholicsm


The Rosary Army-- how to pray the Rosary -- and make them, too! Check out their podcast section: lots of great podcasts (audio recordings), and towards the bottom they have podcasts of each of the four mysteries of the Rosary -- free! Here are the direct links (these files are MP3 format):
      The Joyful Mysteries
      The Luminous Mysteries
      The Sorrowful Mysteries
      The Glorious Mysteries
Download, burn to a CD, pray and listen anywhere!
Virtural Rosary -- The Rosary goes high-tech! Computer program that helps you learn and pray the Rosary. Windows, Mac, Pocket PC and Palm versions.
The Ecumenical Rosary For our wonderful Protestant friends.
Your Catholic Store has a CD with the Rosary here.
The Chanted Rosary with the Monks of Adoration.
CatholiCity will send you a CD of the Rosary free. Lots of links and other good things.


Answering Islam Wonderful site, full of information and charitable in tone, from a non-denominational Christian perspective.
Sharing the Gospel with Muslims Great article on how to share Jesus with Muslims.
Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics, is a book written by a scholar and a former Muslim, giving an overview of what Islam teaches from a Catholic perspective.
Muslim-Christian Debate Website is from a protestant perspective, but loads of information.
Jihad Watch,good site for information about Islamic terrorism.