Why the Rosary?
Why the Luminous Mysteries?
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If you've stumbled on this site, welcome! A little explanation is in order. It is basically a site to encourage Catholics to say the Rosary on Thursdays for the conversion and peace of Islam. You have probably come here because of a friend's recommendation. That's because this is basically an informal group of Catholics who, when wondering what they could personally do to assist in the sad and frightening situation of the world today, remembered Mary is the Queen of Peace, and that her intercession is powerful.

Pope John Paul II instituted a new set of mysteries of the Holy Rosary, the Luminous mysteries. This site also hopes also to spread understanding and devotion to these wonderful mysteries. All the Luminous Mysteries involve aspects of the life of Jesus Christ that emphasize public life: His Divinity and His proclamation of the Gospel.

Islam rejects the divinity of Christ. They believe He was a prophet, but nothing more. This is contrary to what Christ said about Himself, and what His disciples understood about Him.

With all the sadness in today's world, all the terrorism, war and bloodshed revolving around the Middle East and the abuse of Islam, it is easy to forget Christ's commendment: love your enemies, and pray for them.

Praying the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary every Thursday for the conversion, healing and peace of Muslims is a practical way to pray for those who certainly need our prayers. Prayer is powerful!